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A brand new idea in outdoor advertising

The striking, lime green TRAC Trucks literally stop people in their tracks. New to the UK, these spectacular mobile promotional vehicles take outdoor advertising to a new level.

Each vehicle displays twenty 10x 5 scrolling billboards on each side and twenty 5 x 5 boards on the rear of the vehicle. Each billboard holds for 8 seconds and is then replaced by another.

The effect is dramatic.

The attention they attract is far greater than any static display and in early mornings and evenings, the effects are even more dramatic when the back illumination kicks in.

There are so many options for people involved in the events business.

Venues, particularly racetracks and certain exhibition halls, can let space to TRAC Advertising who will then sell on the billboards prior to and during events.

Alternatively, venues or organisers can hire the vehicles to tour the area prior to an event and attract more visitors while during the event, billboards can be sold to participating companies thereby increasing their revenue.

One other big advantage TRAC Truck has to offer is the space available inside the vehicle, which allows substantial stocks of merchandising material and leaflets to be stored and then distributed to passing customers.

Contact: Paul Gorman
Fairoaks Airport
GU24 8HU
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