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At MCS, we have over 25 years of experience developing innovative hire software solutions that automate and strengthen essential business operations and deliver substantial efficiency, monetary and operational gains.

Based on Windows technology, MCS-rm, our software hire solution meets the specialist requirements of an event hirer. On top of its core functionality of generating quotations, contracts and invoices and aggregating all financial, product and customer information in one central location, MCS-rm offers an event hirer complete analysis of equipment availability and utilisation as well as forward booking facilities so you can effectively manage all your projects.

MCS-rm also advocates complete flexibility providing an integration path to many progressive and third party solutions and can also be tailored to your exact operational requirements. Our customer implementations range from simple start-up packages to enterprise-wide business systems, which in addition to coordinating your core hire operation, offer integration to advanced Financial, Business Intelligence and CRM applications as well as reporting tools, Customer Web Portal, Bar-coding solutions and much more. All this enables you to receive critical accurate, rapid and real-time information direct to your desk-top, enabling you to employ faster and more efficient working practices.

The success of our approach is proven by over 325 customers in 12 different countries using MCS-rm hire software to coordinate all their company's transactions, manage their customers and suppliers relationships and achieve efficient and highly profitable event hire businesses.

So contact us today to find out how MCS can help you secure a long term future for your hire business.
Contact: Tracy Davies
Grove Business Park
White Waltham
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