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Roscolab Ltd
Rosco has been in the forefront of colour filters since the company's inception in 1910, winning several awards for technical achievements in the development of colour filters.

Rosco offers one of the world's largest ranges of plastic colour filters, high temperature dichroic glass filters, coloured sleeves for fluorescent lamps and colour filter accessories.

Rosco is also one of the biggest producers of gobos in the world. As well as producing the industry's most comprehensive catalogue of more than 1,800 standard gobos, Rosco's in-house gobo manufacturing facility also specialises in the manufacture of individual custom made, high resolution metal and glass gobos.

The company also produces a wide range of gobo rotators and motion effects units including the X24 X-Effects projector, which produces large scale rippling light effects. Other fixtures and accessories include the I-Cue lighting fixture, iPro image projector, Vortex 360 Dual Rotator and a wide range of controllers, accessories and connection solutions.

To complement its stage lighting, the company produces an industry leading range of fog and haze products, including the Alpha 900, Delta 3000, Delta 6000 and Delta Hazer as well as fluid.

Rosco also manufactures a comprehensive range of stage and set products, including scenic paints and coatings and props such as breakaways, candles, mirrors, fabrics and glitter.

Rosco Litepad, an important product for TV, film, Theatre and architectural applications. It's slim-profile, lightweight LED light source offers a versatile, low maintenance solution to all manner of awkward lighting challenges. Available in 6 sizes.
Contact: Richard McKitty
Kangley Bridge Road
SE26 5AQ
tel. +44 (0)20 8659 2300
fax. +44 (0)20 8 659 3153
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