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Portable roadway systems have, over the years, become
increasingly popular and more widely available in a
variety of forms and the Fieldtrack aluminium panel
system offer a great blend of strength and functionality
that enables a single panel design to be used for
pedestrians and also light and heavy duty vehicular

In developing the Fieldtrack panel system, we have combined
the structural strengths demanded of a heavy duty grade
product and added a pedestrian-friendly upper surface that
compromises neither user, nor product, providing traction
to rubber-tyred vehicles, sure-footed pedestrian access and
solid ground protection.
Each Fieldtrack panel measures 3m wide x 2.5m long,
ensuring that most road-going vehicles can travel along a
single width temporary roadway. For larger vehicles, with
a carriage width of more than 2.75m we recommend installing
a double width roadway to accommodate the wider wheel
configuration and heavier loads that are usually associated
with such vehicles.

Panels can be installed in multiple layers and widths where
particularly soft ground or unusually heavy loads are
encountered. This will offer greater protection against damage
to the underlying ground and prevent unnecessary risks.
To minimise the risk of punctures from protruding objects, the
Fieldtrack panel incorporates a recessed profile which houses
the fixing bolts. In keeping the recess to a minimum quantity,
there is less deviation from the continuous upper surface
resulting in a safer, pedestrian-friendly, product.
Manse Road
ML11 8NA
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