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Spindlewood CCTV
Spindlewood provides live CCTV coverage to organisers, local authorities and police throughout the year for events, ranging from New Year and November 5th celebrations, carnivals and Christmas Markets to sporting occasions, religious festivals and concerts.

The size of these events and the need to have continuous surveillance for safety, security, crowd control and access management demands the latest technology to overcome the problems of distances, line of sight and ease of access. Spindlewood with its range of digital wireless equipment is able to meet these challenges and provide effective coverage to the most difficult locations. As digital wireless technology requires no power or cabling, it offers many other benefits to the customer;-

- rapid set up time
- relieves the customer of the cost and hassle of providing power
- reduces the heath and safety issues associated with camera cabling around the site
- and can be moved quickly to cover any emergencies or 'hot spots' occurring during the event.

The latest addition to Spindlewood's commitment to highly responsive event CCTV services is the acquisition of the 'Ranger Cam' technology.

'Ranger Cam' is a lightweight body mounted system adds new meaning to the rapid deployment of a live video capability to any location within a 1.2km radius of a CCTV receiving station.

The system can be deployed for,

Routine surveillance

Hot spot coverage at potential problem or incident locations

Covert monitoring and evidence gathering
Contact: Charles Brownridge
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