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Helping businesses and other organisations promote social responsibility - delivering products and services that make social/environmental sense and also business sense.

Cigarette litter is an increasing problem in the UK with Keep Britain Tidy estimating that an astonishing 120 tonnes of smoking-related rubbish is dropped in Britain every single day...

In response ButtsOut - the quirkily designed fire-resistant box has been launched in the UK by CSR Solutions. ButtsOut is the global leader in butt litter reduction working on over 500 campaigns in 16 different countries with governments, environmental groups, businesses and other organisations.

For festival and other outdoor event organizers, ButtsOut is an opportunity to promote responsible behaviour, save on clear up costs and help towards a better local environment. ButtsOut - the fun solution to a serious problem...

so why not spread the message and help towards a cleaner local environment for all!
Contact: Charles Hamshaw-Thomas
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