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Steelshield is a temporary fencing system which has been in use since 1991 in the entertainment industry. It started life as the product that it is now, in essence, but has undergone many changes through the various rebuilds. Now in 2008 the resulting Steelshield is faster and safer to erect than before and also offers more options to a production.

Each panel consists of a steel frame which is clad in plastic coated steel sheet. As each panel overlaps, the fence provides zero visibility which has a variety of uses. The privacy of the performers at a music festival for instance. Being either 3 or 2.4 metres high it also provides a serious challenge to unwelcome visitors to a site. There are also many gating options and as such, site access is not a problem.

Over the years, Steelshield has undertaken the fencing of a variety of different events. Fencing in city centres to fencing on the beach, jobs from 30 to 7,000 metres. Fencing all over the British Isles, Steelshield can also travel overseas from its base in Coventry. This reputable company has always met the needs of its clients and will endeavor to continue high standards of workmanship.

With over 13,000 metres of fence in stock and given the strength of SteelShield, the product makes an ideal use across many industries, including music, construction, sport, film, TV and broadcasting.

Events we have supplied include

Reading Festival

Leeds Festival


Glastonbury Festival

Temple Newsham

Radio 0ne

Love Box

T in The Park

V Chelmsford

V Weston Park


T in The Park

BBC Proms

Liverpool Docks



Gods Kitchen


Electric Picnic Ireland

Respect festival

Building sites

And many more
Contact: Dave Blackshaw
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