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About Tecna Display/Jonathan Evitt

•Offices, system design/production facility based in North London.

•Tecna Display founder and director, Jonathan Evitt has considerable experience spanning over 25 years working in exhibition business.

•Early 1980s - involved with Design Council.

•2003 - established Tecna Display to meet needs of exhibition/graphics display sector, which Jonathan Evitt believes has seen little real system development.

•Jonathan Evitt saw need for a simple, yet effective system addressing key industry issues and pressures, notably labour/time/transport/storage/set-up and knockdown costs.

•Via carefully selected distributors, Tecna Display provides exhibition systems across diverse business sectors, worldwide.

•Active in Europe, the USA, Far East, the company’s systems have been specified for projects by these organisations: AEO (Association of Exhibition Organisers), Bank of America, Barclays, BBC, British Airways, Boddingtons, Dell, DTI, Ford, HSBC, MicroSoft, Nokia, The Brits.
Contact: Jonathan Evitt
Unit 11R
Silvermere Drive
Stonehill Business Park
N18 3QH
tel. 020 8345 6696
fax. 020 8807 5661
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