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IGLOOS, THE Luxury Travelling Loo Company, are suppliers of luxury portable toilets for the corporate and private events industry within the UK and across Europe.

The flexibility of our ranges means that not only can the loos be located outside but they could also be constructed within temporary or permanent structures on multi-levels. You can be sure that our luxury loos will be appropriate for all occasions such as a one night party or a three year refurbishment.

Single Re-circulating Loo Units - Mobile toilets used as staff units or for less formal events.

Luxury Travelling Loo Trailers - Luxury portable toilet trailers that are perfect for events where the loos will be outside. The luxury loo trailers are available in either the Double Standard or Contemporary style.

MODUVAC Vacuum Loo System - A modular temporary toilet system available in the Traditional Oak or Contemporary Oak style, this system needs to be positioned within a structure.

Panelled System - A room of luxury portable toilets is built within a building or structure using laminate or wood veneer panels creating a home from home washroom. This system is particularly useful with venues that have access constraints or for long term installations.

Please visit our website for case studies and product cards. Alternatively ring IGLOOS direct on 01438 861418 for a chat with our experienced sales team who will offer advice on which of our products is most suitable for you, recognising that each event has individual requirements.
Contact: Natasha Mawer
Cherry Park
tel. 01438 861418
fax. 01438 861541
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